Make your living doing what you love! Pipe dream? Hardly. Woodworking is a solid, profitable business in ANY economy. I know because I operated my woodworking business successfully for more than 25 years, first in Tampa and then in Austin where I now live. You can too.

Is it easy, not really but my book will show you how—selling & marketing, pricing, simplified woodworking methods, setting up an efficient shop, simple bookkeeping, the works—including valuable advice to help you hit the ground running, all in plain language based on personal, real-world experience.

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Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide

A. William Benitez

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Copyright    2016    A. William Benitez

I wrote the Woodworking Business Quick Start Guide to help others start and operate their own successful woodworking business.

The book contains clear and concise details on getting started, woodworking business basics, getting and keeping customers and advice on shop space and tools.

There is a full section on estimating your costs and pricing your jobs. This is critical if your business is to succeed financially.

My book also includes some personal notes based on my experiences, a helpful glossary and useful links and web sites.

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